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I make

I’m a freelance software engineer who’s been working in and around startups for 20+ years.
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I make things cool.

I do pretty much everything, but my specialty is making interfaces pop. I take a multidisciplinary approach to my work that blends visual and interaction design with decades of engineering experience.
If you need some good old fashioned software engineering, I do that too. I’ve written JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and PHP for million- and billion-scale systems.
In general, I’m comfortable working end-to-end on a product, from initial wireframes to architecture to deployment. These days I mostly build Node/React apps and ship them out to PaaS/FaaS providers, but variety can be nice too sometimes, y’know?
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Cool things I've made:

Time for a case study! Let’s talk about Discord, where I was a front-end engineer.
Because they started as a game studio, Discord’s designers also happen to be phenomenal illustrators and concept artists. Taking large, colorful design elements and building them out with a sense of depth and motion was a ton of fun.
Here are a few snapshots of the work I did for them:
Screenshot of Discord's company page
Screenshot of Discord's HypeSquad page
Screenshot of Discord's jobs page
Screenshot of Discord's partners page
Screenshot of Discord's server verification page

That's about it for now.

Thanks for scrolling through everything, I put a lot of work into a lot of that work.
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